This is something I did last year and thought of writing about for the benefit of my blog readers. Last October I was in Riyadh for a business visit and had to pay a visit to Dammam as well. As I couldn’t get an internal flight to Dammam, myself and my Jordanian friend decided to drive all the way to Dammam. From Riyadh to Dammam it is approximately 375 km and it takes around three and a half  to four hours to reach Dammam, Khobar. The drive is mostly through the desert and quite monotonous. With many people preferring to take the flights you hardly find many vehicles except for the truckers. So if you love to cruise at high speeds this is a ideal trip for you.. But be sure to have a powerful enough car to really enjoy the drive. We rented a Chevrolet Lumina, the pickup on this car was awesome.

In Dammam, Khobar we stayed at a hotel close to the coast (cannot remember the name), for 1200 Saudi Riyals per night we managed to get a  two bedroom suite  and it was a bargain compared to the average rates. Though I am not a big fan of Saudi hotel’s food this particular one was good and had lots of variety. After spending couple of days in Dammam I couldnt get a flight back to Dubai as it was a Wednesday (Wednesday is the last working day of the week for Saudis – TGIW) and many Saudis fly to Dubai on this day and flights are usually full. So my only other option was to take a flight from Bahrain.

King Fahd Causeway

Part of the Causeway

When I asked the hotel to arrange for a Taxi to Bahrain the guys were nice enough to warn me about the traffic on the causeway on Wednesday afternoons and evenings. I checked out from the hotel at 2.00 PM and was on my way to Bahrain by the King Fahd Causeway trying to beat the traffic, I was right on time. The Taxi costs 250 to 300 riyals including the causeway fees, you have to bare the visa fees to enter Bahrain.

About The Causeway

The construction of the bridge was started in 1968 and was completed only in 1986. It cost the Saudi’s a staggering 1.2 Billion US dollars. The bridge is 28 KM long and is approximately 23M wide. There is a man made island on the center of the bridge, part of which is Bahrain and the other half is Saudi. The immigration and passport control offices of both the countries are on this island.

The Island on the center of the bridge